German Sprint Champs (WRE) + National Ranking Event (WRE)
May 10th/11th 2014

Directions/Parking German Champs

From A33, exit "Paderborn Elsen" no. 26 to B1 in the direction of Bad Lippspringe. Long-range Signposting. Near the city center of Bad Lippspringe different signs lead to the various locations: finish area (DM), parking (P), dormitory () and national ranking event (BRL).

Parking on Friday and after the qualification race on Saturday (signposted (P)): The parking place is on a field: "Kalberkampsweg", 33175 Bad Lippspringe (GPS: 51.776250, 8.825028). Since there are construction works on "Pfingstuhlweg", access is only possible via "Auf der Mersch".

Important: This parking place cannot be approached during the qualification race on Saturday between 9:00 and 12:30 (embargoed area). During this time, parking places near the finish area ("Templiner Allee", marked blue on the maps) are available, which are not signposted.

Signposting to the dormitory () is only intended for dropping off luggage at the sports hall or for motorhome parking. All cars have to be parked at the declared parking places. Please, do not park in the neighbouring residential area!

Parking during the qualification races on Saturday (not signposted!!): For late arrivals there is a public parking place at "Templiner Allee" (GPS: 51.783681, 8.810848). If this parking place is full, search for other parking places in the neighbouring residential area or in the industrial area on "Berliner Straße" leading out of town (cf. sketch)

Directions/Parking National Ranking Event

Directions to the national ranking event is signposted (BRL). Parking along the forest road outgoing from "Fürstenallee": Kreuzkrug 1, 33189 Schlangen (GPS: 51.848439, 8.846382). Please, follow the instructions of the parking staff!

Parking procedure. Motorhomes park in the first section or at the parking place Kreuzkrug (opposite to the outgoing forest road). Cars park in the direction of travel diagonally to the forest road. After the race, please turn around and leave the forest road where you entered it.

Sketch of directions (click for greater illustration):

Sketch for routes on site (click for greater illustration):

Jowat Klebstoffe
Volksbank Schlangen eG

Barmer GEK Krankenkasse

LVM-Versicherungsagentur Klösener
Laufladen Endspurt
Bad Meinberger Mineralwasser

Goeken Bäcker